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We-Vibe Forever Favorites - Tango X & Touch X

We-Vibe Forever Favorites - Tango X & Touch X

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The Forever Favorites Set By We-Vibe combines the Touch X, the versatile lay-on massager, with the Tango X, a fan-favorite powerful bullet vibrator. The Touch X is designed to sensually stimulate your erogenous zones, delivering the rumbly delights you need. The Tango X targets your sweet spots with pinpoint accuracy and fits in the palm of your hand. Both products will be your go-to toys to take pleasure with you (and your boo) anywhere - forever favorites for a reason!

The Tango X By We-Vibe is taking it to another level, featuring a motor that is extremely powerful, vibrations that are more rumbly and a shape that is optimized for maximum pleasure, while a newly designed handle offers better grip. Petite, powerful and precise, The Tango X fits perfectly in the palm of your hand. The We-Vibe Touch X is one of the world‘s most versatile multi-purpose vibrators. It is perfectly sculpted to sensually stimulate your erogenous zones - solo or with a partner - delivering whatever you need, wherever you need it. From blissful clitoral stimulation to deep, rumbly head-to-toe massages, Touch X will pamper your whole body. Soothe your soul with this magic multitasker.

Measurements: Tango X: 3.92" long, 0.90" wide at shaft, 0.95" wide at handle.
Touch X: 4.02" long, 1.70" at base, 1.35" at tip .
Two Year Warranty with manufacture 

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