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Shaft Double C-Ring

Shaft Double C-Ring

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Shaft Double C-Rings boasts dual rings for double the fun: it further amplifies sensation and ensures prolonged play. Enhance endurance as the snug-fit cock ring is designed to boost pleasure and performance. Made of 100% Flexiskin Liquid Silicone, these rings are stretchy and comfortable and come in a steel gray or forest green. 

Innovative Flexiskin feels just like skin: soft, squeezable, and flexible. This uniquely formulated liquid silicone is not only extremely soft and pleasing to the touch, but also hypo-allergenic and non-porous, so bacteria can’t become trapped in it. This makes the material highly realistic and completely safe for the body.

Small: Outside diameter 1.8 inch / 4.6 cm Inside diameter 0.7 inch / 1.8 cm.
Medium: Outside diameter 1.9 inch / 4.8 cm Inside diameter 0.8 inch / 2.0 cm.
Large: Outside diameter 2 inch / 5.0 cm Inside diameter 1 inch / 2.5 cm.

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