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Sex & Mischief Peaches 'n CreaMe Impressions Crop

Sex & Mischief Peaches 'n CreaMe Impressions Crop

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Prepare yourself for a playful adventure where naughty meets nice with the Peaches ‘n CreaMe Peach Impressions Crop! Crafted for those who like a bit of flirtation with their domination, this riding crop brings lighthearted silliness to every swat of your bottom! With a playful peach cutout on the looped tip, each swat delivers a delightful impression that's as sweet as a peach. The sturdy handle ensures a firm grip, while the peachy details pair perfectly to your playful pursuits.


  • 21" long crop 
  • Faux leather tip and handle loop
  • Looped tip with peach cut out design

Materials: 80% Polyurethane, 15% Fiber Glass, 5% Nickel Free Metal

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