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Love Hamma Thruster

Love Hamma Thruster

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Not all pervs will look between their legs and see the handle of a hammer inside their body and think, “that’s hot”, but for those that would, this is your toy. The Love Hamma offers pulsations and vibrations, so whether you want a strong internal thrusting toy or an external vibrator, this toy nails it down! The Love Hamma is easy to hold, the buttons are clearly marked, and just think of the erotic potential of inviting someone over to help you build shelves, but in a sexy way. You know a toy is worth it when it inspires you to play in new ways, try new things and create unique experiences and that is just what the Love Hamma does! It might not be everyone’s wet dream to get fucked or to fuck with a hammer, but for the curious and the daring, this would be a unique toy to add to your belt loop next time your crush calls you over to help out with some handy work. 

"It's time to go to work" now has an an entirely different meaning!

Play with the vibrating head or the vibrating and thrusting handle, the Love Hamma has powerful fluttering ears with 7 vibrational speeds for intense clitoral thrills, 3 vibrating speeds and 10 powerful thrusting speeds in the handle shaft for the ultimate internal pleasure to provide both G-Spot and P-Spot stimulation. 

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