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Le Wand Petite Attachments

Le Wand Petite Attachments

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Elevate your Le Wand Petite with an attachment to turn your external toy to an internal pleasurehouse! Made to fit snuggly over the head of the Petite Le Wand Massagers, these various attachments deliver intense stimulation with pinpoint accuracy and creates a fantastic feeling of fullness when inserted!

Le Wand Attachments are 100% body-safe and made from silky smooth silicone. They're also hypoallergenic, non-porous, and easy to clean. These attachments are compatible only with the Le Wand Petite.

The Le Wand Flexi Petite features a bulbous head that flexes and bends to your body's natural contours. It is designed with distinctive ridges to provide targeted internal and external stimulation.

The Le Wand Glider Petite features a weighted tip that caresses your body's contours and is designed with unique ridges to provide targeted internal and external stimulation.

The Le Wand Dual Petite features a double-weighted, insertable, rippled stimulator that works with a rabbit-inspired extension to provide complete contact stimulation and leave everything it touches satisfied.

The Le Wand Petite Curve Attachment features a large bulbous weighted tip and curved design that's perfect for hitting G- or P-spots.

The Le Wand Ripple Petite features weighted ridges that bounce and glide inside a body with a larger tip for pinpointed internal caresses. 

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