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JimmyJane Reflexx Rabbit 2

JimmyJane Reflexx Rabbit 2

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The Reflexx Rabbit 2 vibrator's hooked design satisfies two very important places of pleasure — your g-spot and your clitoris. You don't have to settle for toys that only pleasure one or the other. The Reflexx Rabbit 2 is also straightforward and easy to use — a bonus in a world where many vibrators can look a little, well, intimidating. Plus, it solves another big problem found in plenty of vibrators: the lack of a proper finger grip.

The Reflexx Rabbit 2's finger holder allows you to rest your finger comfortably without the fear of a finger slip or strain. Gone is the frustration of having to test out different hand positions  or wrist pain while trying to use your vibrator.

It's not only the design that makes this vibrator a top choice. It's also got dual, independently-controlled motors that each have ten high-performing vibration modes. This means there's a different vibration mode for every mood you may find yourself in. With this vibrator, you are 100% in control of your pleasure journey. To top it all off, this vibrator comes with a "warming mode." With this trendy feature, the vibrator warms up to just-above body temperature in a matter of minutes. The warm sensation can help your body relax, so you can fully enjoy some "you time" after a long, hard day. Even better, it can warm you up in the right places during the winter season.

The Reflexx Rabbit 2 is made of super soft and flexible phthalate-free, latex-free silicone. Have peace of mind (and body) knowing this vibrator is free of any damaging materials or chemicals often found in lower-quality vibrators. The vibrator is also ultra-modern, with no batteries needed. Instead, after you're done having a pleasure session, you can recharge the Reflexx Rabbit 2. Once it's juiced up, you can enjoy yet another satisfying experience.

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