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Fun Factory Laya III

Fun Factory Laya III

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Hit the spot, seamlessly with this upgraded version of a best-selling vibrator! LAYA III was made to lay on the body—hence the name—with a gently arched shape that fits snugly over the pubic bone, sending vibrations throughout the clit and labia. Its ergonomic design means it’s easy to hold in the palm of your hand, and it’s versatile enough to cup the butt, balls, penis shaft, breasts, or any other hot spot. No wonder LAYA has been a cult favorite for 20 years!

Press the toy’s tip against the clit and feel its rumbling right where you want it. The tapping and vibrations stimulate more nerves than vibration alone. For an extra intense blowjob, hold LAYA III against the scrotum or perineum. It feels exactly as good as it sounds. Caress the breasts and nipples, neck, and thighs, or use LAYA III to warm up the butt before anal play.

    • Curvy design cradles the pubic bone or any hot spot
    • Vibrates & taps for multilayered stimulation
    • Micro-adjustable vibrations, from gentle to strong
    • Pinpoint or broad stimulation
    • Upgrades blowjobs, massages & more
    • Newest version of our all-time bestseller
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