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Ultimate Pleasure Pump and Vibrator

Ultimate Pleasure Pump and Vibrator

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It vibrates, it pumps, it teases, it tantalizes! Ultimate Pleasure is a toy that offers a lot of options and it does them all very well. With so many ways to use it, this is an excellent toy for the pump-curious. The vibrating end is strong and rumbly with a gentle curve that's great for g-spot and p-spot stimulation. The pump end can be used on nipples, vulvas, clits, and t-dicks - or anywhere else you want to get some extra blood flow going. The silicone tongue can flick and tease - firmly on it's own, or more gently with the included soft tpe cover - as the pump enlarges with its rhythmic suction. 

• 4 motors
• 3 suction patterns
• 7 tongue motion patterns
• 10 vibration patterns

Material: Silicone Tongue with Soft TPE Sleeve Magnetic USB Charger - Ready when you are! Conveniently rechargeable, offering hours of enjoyment. Length: 10 in. - ( 25.4 cm ) Width: 1.5 in. - ( 3.8 cm )

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