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Eroscillator 2

Eroscillator 2

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Don't be weirded out by The Eroscillator 2's unique shape and design, this toy is a technological breakthrough in orgasmic response! Not to get too scientific but its attachments are directly connected to a unique axially oscillating engine, not to the device's body like ordinary vibrators, allowing for a constantly adapted dynamic response. The only sexual product endorsed by Dr. Ruth, this plug-in vibrator is always at 100% power and it's super long cord means there's no problem if your only outlet is across the room. The whisper-quiet design also includes an easily-accessible power switch making play a dream. If you frequently reach for The Magic Wand, we recommend this toy as a new but powerful cumtender as your new go-to toy! 

We at Bedroom Besties HIGHLY recommend also purchasing the separate Soft Finger Tip Attachment (sold separately). Adding a marshmallow squish to the toy, this soft attachment is great to disperse vibration to a wider area and is great for pushing and grinding against. 

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