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Fun Factory Limba Flex - 3 Sizes Available

Fun Factory Limba Flex - 3 Sizes Available

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You have sex in lots of different ways, so you need a dildo that’s as versatile as you are! This dildo's flexible shaft takes whatever shape you want, whenever you want it. Flex it to a new position as often as you want for easy, customized G-spot and prostate play! This shorter shaft is ideal for riding and grinding. This flexibility also makes it a great pack-n-play toy! Two different sizes available: a shortie dildo because we know bigger isn't always better and a medium for a longer ride.

Length: 4.7" Diameter: 1.1" Insertable length: 4.33"
Medium: Length: 6.8" Diameter: 1.2" Insertable length: 6.69"
Large: Length: 7.1", Diameter: 1.6" Insertable length: 6.8"

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