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Cute Little Fuckers Starsi

Cute Little Fuckers Starsi

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A unique sex toy unlike others on the market, the Cute Little Fuckers Starsi vibrator is made specifically with transgender, queer and disabled bodies in mind.

Starsi comes from a starsun, a planet covered in fire, so Starsi loves the warmth of your body. Starsi makes a great vibrator for all surfaces, from genitals to chests, between and beyond. The curves on Starsi's back make an ideal grip, easily palmed in your hand. Transfemme vibrator seekers with genital dysphoria tend to enjoy Starsi for Starsi's ability to cover genitalia with a gently curved vulva-like feel, allowing us to map new genitalia and euphoria in our own mind. You don't have to be transfemme to discover Starsi's pleasures though. Starsi is a sweet and sensual friend.

Name: Starsi

Pronouns: Starsi

Loves: Napping and Hiding Things


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