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Bedroom Bliss Deluxe Wand Saddle

Bedroom Bliss Deluxe Wand Saddle

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The Bedroom Bliss Deluxe Wand Saddle pillow is ergonomically designed to fully support your weight. The 7 inch deep, open-ended pocket fits nearly any wand vibrator so it stays in place as you enjoy hands-free stimulation! As a bonus, the soft outer cover and the water-resistant inner cover are both machine washable! Enjoy the evening as you straddle the ultra soft pillow, effortlessly lifted up so you can enjoy your partner's passionate affections or angle yourself to ride the toy of your choosing as you indulge in solo-play! The toy pocket at the top fits most toys but is especially designed for wands, vibrators and dildos.

Place this high-density foam onto a bed, couch, bench or the floor. Harder surfaces give even more support for the pillow, but softer surfaces give padding to your knees. Grab your favorite toy and slip the base into the pocket. Then turn on your fav toy and writhe and grind. Bring your partner in on the action, too! Flip over and use the pillow to help them plow you deeper and hit the right angle! Lift up your hips, support your body and explore new positions all with this one formidable, foam pillow!

The firm pillow keeps its shape and lets you play in all sorts of positions. With so many ways to enjoy each other, the night lasts longer.

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