Top 4 Adult Toys to Make Ethel Cum

Top 4 Adult Toys to Make Ethel Cum

Hi, I'm Ethel, a switchy chubslut. I’m into dorky perverts, a good spanking, and sex toys! After modeling for Bedroom Besties they asked me to share my favorite adult toys. Since I love that Besties is explicitly featuring queer and trans hotties, I couldn’t resist.  To choose my favorites, I decided to go with the toys that are guaranteed to make me cum. Hope you enjoy!  


First and foremost the Magic Wand, FKA the Hitachi Magic Wand. This powerhouse is my go to for both solo and partner play. I love to have masturbation marathons with this handheld massager and I’ve enjoyed many horny hours of orgasms, sweat and fantasy as I grind The Magic Wand against my clit. The Magic Wand Plus is plugged in at all times and in the top drawer of my night stand. The Magic Wand Mini is always charged for any and all adventures outside my bedroom.


With partners I love to place this handheld massager between our bodies as we fuck each other. Using The Magic Wand during penetration always makes me cum harder and longer. 

Second, Under the Bed Restraints System by Sportsheets. This is one of the first things I added when realizing I wanted a little more kink in my life. Great for newcomers or the experienced players because the bed restraints hide easily beneath your mattress and can be laid out and ready when prepping for a night of fun or grabbed spontaneously for someone who has consented to surprises. Sportsheets’ Under the Bed Restraint System is also extremely versatile: you can restrain just the wrists, just the ankles, all four limbs or any fun combination to explore any and all bondage positions. Don’t worry, you can comfortably use the wrist cuffs and ankle cuffs for long hours because they are both soft an adjustable. 

 Third, my most beautiful adult toy, the Le Wand Stainless Steel Hoop. This stainless steel dildo is hard, strong and smooth.  The cold sensation from penetration gives a pleasurable shock to my body but warms quickly once inside. I have also warmed up, this easy to clean, sex toy with a heating pad knowing I wanted to use it later. The Le Wand Stainless Steel Hoop is my favorite design because the curve of the hoop hits my g-spot. This toy is always guaranteed to give me multiple orgasms. 

Fourth, the We Vibe Melt is the air pressure adult toy of my dreams! When I finally got this waterproof air suction toy, it felt like a stimulating indulgence. Now, I don’t know how I ever lived without the instant gratification of it sucking on my clit. As someone who loves taking luxurious baths, adding the pinnacle of pressure wave sex toys has been climactic. The WeVibe Melt satisfies every desire: water proof, long lasting and easy to travel with. 

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