The Ultimate Guide to Lube for Squirters

The Ultimate Guide to Lube for Squirters

By Berry - Bedroom Besties squirt expert

If you or your fuck buddy have the ability to squirt, congratulations! The great gushing liquid exploding forth during a hot play session can add an incredible new dimension to sex. Squirting can bring great delight to all partners involved, as both a sublime moment of intense release and a vivid, visible expression of pleasure. Squirting can happen simultaneously to an orgasm, but can also occur before, after, and many times during a sexual experience. Every squirter is a little different! Using a great lube can help make squirt filled play more fun, longer lasting, and gentler on your delicate bits.

Besties lube guide for squirters is primarily for those who are already squirters and need to find a lube that works well with their talent. We’ll share some suggestions of lubes that can help you get there if you’re trying to learn to squirt, too.

And if you’re starting off this exploration wondering “is squirt pee?” this is not the place to make that final determination. My opinion is that it is not - but whether it’s a unique fluid, pee, or maybe even a tiny spurt of la croix, it IS happening, and a good lube makes squirting a lot more fun.

A Little Science to Keep in Mind

If you can think back a bit to chemistry class, you’ll remember that pH is a measure of water-based solutions. Alkaline and acid are the opposite ends of the pH scale and can neutralize one another. Standard vaginal ph is 3.8 to 4.5 - it’s on the more acidic side and it’s generally recommended that your lube have a ph around 4 to keep your vaginal disposition happy and healthy. 

The pH scale from -5 to 14

Things get a bit more complicated for squirters, though, because studies have shown that squirt is alkaline. Because of the neutralizing effect, even if you have a naturally juicy downstairs, squirting can make you feel dry and uncomfortable if play continues after you squirt. Good quality water based lubes like Sliquid H20 are pH balanced to the vagina but that’s not exactly what you want in this arena and you may find that water based lubes need frequent reapplication. So let’s dive into a warm cascade of the best options!

Best Silicone Lube for Squirters

Silicone lubes are fantastic for squirters because they are not water based and thus do not have a pH - in fact, they’re waterproof and do not get degraded or neutralized by exposure to your body’s secretions. This makes silicone lube exceptionally long lasting - other kinds of lubes will absorb into your skin, but the only way silicone lube will disappear is through wear and evaporation. If you find you’ve been sensitive to some lubes, you’ll love that silicone is hypoallergenic.

Any silicone lube will work wonders for a slippery good time, and I particularly love the classic Silicone Lubricant by Swiss Navy. It has a thin and slick texture that’s very similar to my own WAP, it’s got a handy pump bottle that looks great on my nightstand, and it’s affordable to boot!

Why not use a silicone lube? If you are using this lube with a silicone toy it can sometimes alter the texture of the surface, and the interaction of silicone-on-silicone can feel a bit sticky. Silicone lube can also be a bit unpleasant in the mouth if you go down on your partner after application. That’s why the well prepared squirter has an arsenal of lubes available for every sex-tuation! So you might want to try…

Best Oil Based Lube for Squirters

Bottle of Coconu

Just like silicone, oil based lubes do not have a pH because they do not contain water. Oil based lubes are silky and long lasting, requiring minimal re-application. They slowly absorb into your skin while in use, leaving your sensitive tissues moisturized and cared for! I love Coconu Organic Oil-Based Lubricant because its blend of natural, organic oils are great for the skin, hypoallergenic, and totally edible. 

It is very important to note that you should never use an oil based lube with latex or polyisoprene safer sex barriers like condoms or dental dams. Oil based lubricant degrades the material and can cause them to fail. But don’t despair if that means Coconu won't work for you, I have more options! 

Best Hybrid Lube for Squirters

A hybrid lube is a mix of water and silicone that gives you the best of both worlds! It works well with silicone toys, it’s compatible with latex condoms and dental dams, and it’s pH balanced. The texture can be a bit more sticky than just silicone lube, but with all the benefits hybrid lube is still a big winner. My favorite is Sliquid Silk Hybrid. Bonus: the thin, milky texture and color makes it perfect for use as a jizz with the Strap on Me Cum Dildo

Best Water Based Lube for Squirters

Even with all these options, sometimes a purely water based lube is still going to be the best choice. It’s affordable, condom safe, and in my opinion has a texture that is most similar to natural lubrication. Because of the pH issue with squirt that we discussed, it’s important to find a water based lube that doesn’t get washed away by squirt. This is why I adore Good Clean Love Liquid, a water based lube with hyaluronic acid as a key ingredient. 

You might be familiar with hyaluronic acid from fancy skin care products. This wondrous ingredient already exists naturally in your body, where it helps keep your joints well lubricated and your skin healthy. Hyaluronic acid attracts and binds to water molecules, so something that doesn’t seem very wet can feel a whole lot wetter once you hit it with the hyaluronic acid. In my experience Good Clean Love Liquid is able to “gel” with squirt. Although you will likely need to re-apply during activity, that gelling helps it last much longer than a standard water based lube. 

Best Lube for Wanna-be Squirters

If you haven’t squirted yet but you want to try, a lube that brings a little extra tingle downstairs can help encourage the gush. Sliquid Spark is a silicone lube with menthol added to help get your bits feeling buzzy. 

The menthol can help increase your sensation, making your g-spot and clit extra engorged. Add in a great g-spot toy like the Glas 8” Slimline Wand to stimulate internally and a powerful bullet vibrator like the We-Vibe Tango X to buzz the clit and you’re well on your way to squirt-ville station. Then relax, enjoy the ride, and feel empowered to let the flood come forth when you feel the pressure to release. 

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