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Fun Factory Share Lite Double-Sided

Fun Factory Share Lite Double-Sided

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The best double-ended dildo for wearers who want a girthy insert and to not get weighed down! The Share Life has a lightweight core instead of being made with solid silicone. While we can’t guarantee your kegal muscles will be strong enough to grip this toy without a harness, it’s much more likely than other toys on the market! Geninus in design, get sucked or fuck with long shaft that stays erect, even when changing positions thanks to an adjustable hinge! Keep your G-Spot stimulated while you pound against your partner’s G/P-spot with this smart Fun Factory design! 

Dimension: 9.92 in and Ø 1.42-1.59 in   Insertable length (receiver): 6.5 in       Insertable length (wearer): 6.1 in

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